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2006: The year when the fascinating story of MOM begins​

Two companies, one desire:
To make snacking healthy

Once upon a time, two companies, both of which were passionate about creating innovative flavors, with a demand for quality products. One was called Materne, creator of fruit purées and jams. Young and old alike loved their products. The other was called Mont Blanc and specialized in creamy desserts and dairy snacks that made the gourmets happy.

In 2006, they decided to come together to create the group MOM. Each company’s centenary know-how, coupled with a constant search for innovation in tasty products, allowed the MOM group to position itself as the leader in healthy snacks in Europe and the United States.

Healthy products, high-quality ingredients, and especially, lots of passion.

This is the recipe of our success,
success anchored in our history:


“La Confiturerie de la Thierache jam factory”

The demand for quality products

It’s 1881 and the Confiturerie de la Thierache jam factory is founded in Boué, in the beautiful Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region, in the north of France. This is where Mom’s wonderful story and our demand for quality products got its start.

The satisfying taste of milk from the foot of the Alps

In 1917, a milk company was founded in Rumilly, France, at the foot of Europe’s highest summit. In 1921, they launched the Mont Blanc brand, which quickly became a household name for milk products. In 1952 the Mont Blanc Milk Company created its first creamy dairy desserts, known simply as Mont Blanc.


“Creation of Mont Blanc”


“Creation of Materne”

Edouard Materne: one of France’s first jam-makers

In 1922, Edouard Materne bought the Thiérache jam factory created in 1881. It soon became one of France’s top 5 jam factories. The Materne company was born!

The jam with more fruit and less sugar

The recipe of Materne’s signature product, the famous Confipote jam, changed, to contain more fruit and less sugar.


“Confipote is launched”


“Danone creates the Materne company”

Materne: The fruit-processing specialist

That year, the Danone group brought together its three sites to create the Materne company, now the leading specialist in fruit processing.

The first fruit purée in a squeezable pouch

The famous Pom’Potes, the first fruit purée in a squeezable pouch was born in 1998. The idea? A flavorful fruit purée that you can take anywhere. Young and old alike take to it immediately. It was a revolution on the market, a revolution that had immediate success!


“Pom’Potes was born”


“Acquisition by Activa Capital and Michel Larroche”

An adventure in growth

The Activa Capital funds and Michel Larroche buy the brands Gloria and Mont Blanc. It’s the beginning of a captivating adventure in growth.

The first dairy snack in a squeezable pouch

In 2004, the Mont Blanc brand launches dairy snacks in squeezable pouches. At that time, children love this new “P’tit Mont Blanc”, and they take it with them to recess. Today, it’s known as “Récré’O’lé” and is still just as popular with gourmet kids!


“Mont Blanc launches P’tit Mont Blanc”


“MOM was born”

Well-balanced and innovative snacking

The coming together of the Materne and Mont Blanc brands in 2006 leads to the creation of the group MOM. The group’s challenge? To offer healthy snack foods and innovative products that take advantage of the best savoir-faire of both companies.

The GoGo squeeZ brand is launched in the United States

2008 was a big year for the group. It’s when the brand GoGo squeeZ was launched in the United States! Its unique know-how and brand new products adapted to the American market mean the group quickly became the leader in this newly created segment of the healthy snack market!


“MOM goes international”


“MOM continues the adventure”

GoGoSqueeZ fruit purée is launched in Canada

After a first fruitful experience in the United States, the group continues the adventure in 2008 and launches GoGoSqueeZ fruit purée in Canada. Again, it was a huge success.

By the LBO investment fund

In 2010, the LBO France investment fund buys the MOM group to allow it to continue its development projects.


“The MOM group is acquired”


“A pivotal year for the group”

The brand sets up in the United States

2011 was full of changes for the group. It was a year rich in twists and success: the MOM group launched “Ma Pause Fruit”, the first snack pouch made for adults.

It was also a year for traveling, because Materne North America was born, and the brand is now located in New York. Driven by its success on this side of the Atlantic, the group decides to set up in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s the start of a new adventure!

Pom’Potes celebrates its 15th anniversary

2013 was also the year that Pom’Potes celebrated its 15th anniversary, with more than 2.5 billion pouches sold around the world!


“MOM continues to expand”


“MOM continues its American growth”

Inauguration of a second factory in Nampa, Idaho

2015 already, and the brand continues its American growth by inaugurating its second factory in Nampa, Idaho. The group’s success story starts to become internationally recognized. New challenges are there, but so is the same passion, that of good, tasty products.

The group is 10 years old

In 2016, MOM blows out its 10 candles! This year is also the 135th anniversary of Materne, and the 95th anniversary of Mont Blanc. A fascinating story that hasn’t aged a bit. To mark the event, MOM starts on a new adventure by joining the Bel group.


“MOM celebrates its anniversary”


“MOM makes its entry at Bel Group”

The Bel Group, which already held 82.5% of the capital of Mont Blanc-Materne (MOM), became the sole shareholder of MOM.

Healthy products, high-quality ingredients, and especially, lots of passion: This is the recipe of our success, success anchored in our history.

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