The MOM group

A growing adventure, to create healthy snacks

The story of the MOM Group began in 2006, when the companies Materne and Mont Blanc came together. These two specialists in fruit and dairy processing shared an innovative vision and began their adventure together in France and then abroad.

Thanks to these century-old brands—pure products of French know-how—their enthusiastic collaborators and incredible growth, the MOM Group aims to become the world leader in the market of healthy snacking.

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2020 Figures

Once upon a time

Two companies came together to share their values of innovation and high standards, and become the leaders in the market of healthy snacking. Discover the story of our incredible growing adventure.

Today, the MOM Group counts 7 brands
and more than 1300 collaborators around the world,
proud to share their enthusiasm for tasty products.

A few words about MOM

A vision, a mission, and ambitions to continue our entrepreneurial adventure in healthy snacking. Discover what MOM is all about, in just a few words.

I think that, when people see the MOM adventure, we don’t need to do much to convince them to join us.
Jérémy, Human Resources Director

Play a part in the MOM adventure

Not yet convinced? Innovation, opportunities, development, challenges, and more. Our enthusiastic collaborators invite you to join us.

Challenge, innovation, individual and shared growth. This is what your MOM adventure will be.

Our brands

Materne – Pom’Potes – GoGosqueeZ –  Confipote – Mont Blanc – Récré O’lé – Gloria

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And discover our Materne Industry activities

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